Coming in 2013

We’re off to a really exciting start for this new year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Not only was our Scotland trip so enticing that we sold out already (don’t worry, we’re planning another one) – but we just had to take advantage of a quick trip to Victoria, B.C. to learn Ravenstail Weaving.

Cheryl and her replica of a Chieftan's robe

Cheryl and her replica of a Chieftan’s robe

Ravenstail Weaving is a nearly lost art, and has been re-ignited by the incredibly talented Cheryl Samuel.  When Europeans first visited the north-western coast of North America, the weavers of the area were making robes of exquisite beauty to adorn the wealthiest of their noble class. Patterned in bold black and white designs streaked with scintillating dashes of yellow, these robes predate the better known Chilkat Blankets from the same area. Today only 11 robes exist, three of them as fragments. Cheryl Samuel travelled to Leningrad, Copenhagen, and London to examine the six robes in Europe. She also studied the robes housed in museums in Canada and the United States. Using this research material she was able to reconstruct Chief Kotlean’s robe. In the process, she reconstructed an old weaving style no longer in use by the native people on the northern coast.

Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, B.C.

Fisherman’s Wharf,
Victoria, B.C.

Part of our trip will include working with Cheryl and learning these techniques, as well as visiting the beautiful city of Victoria.  It’s a quickie trip, and we still have spots available.  Please contact us through our website for more information!

Maximo Laura

Maximo Laura

We still have availability for our trip to the Peruvian Highlands, May 13-23, 2013.  If you’ve been waiting and thinking, now is the time!  Please joins us on this exciting trip and take advantage of the private workshop we’re able to offer with Maximo Laura!  Full itinerary and booking details can be found on our website.

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