New Trip: SAORI Weaving

We’re excited to announce a new trip for 2014! SAORI; The Zen of Weaving: Weaving Without Boundaries in British Columbia. This quick getaway trip is July 23-29, 2014. This trip is now open for registration, reserve your spot today!

An example of SAORI weaving

An example of SAORI weaving

In the language of Zen, “SA” is interpreted as “everything has its own dignity” and “ORI” means “weaving.” Therefore, SAORI weaving is not only a hand craft, but an art form.  This style of weaving places the highest emphasis on freedom of expression and inner creativity, rather than conventional textile rules.  SAORI is meditative by nature.


Misao, the creator of SAORI weaving

Misao, the creator of SAORI weaving

We owe the creation of this unique and liberating tradition of textile art to Japanese weaver, Misao Jo.  In 1969, Misao Jo created a special loom and style of weaving that was free of conventional boundaries.  Today, SAORI is practiced in more than 40 countries.   Misao Jo has received high honors from the Japanese Government for her contribution made through SAORI weaving. 
With most traditions of weaving cloth, any loose thread or irregular pattern is considered a flaw or mistake. However, in SAORI the emphasis is on the spontaneous beauty created by an uneven edge or accidental thread skip.  These irregularities in the cloth are viewed by the Japanese as “beauty with lack of intentions” so highly esteemed by Zen-style art and revered in nature.  To Misao, SAORI weaving is the “creation of sensibility” with limitless possibilities.
This odyssey will take us to the beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.
salt_spring_island_19 salt_spring_island_32 salt_spring_island_33
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